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We love Poochie Bells! We have used the same concept in our home for a long time and the Poochie Bells add at touch of fun and style. It makes house-breaking easier because it allows your puppy to communicate with you in a way he never could before.

Some of our favorite things about Poochie Bells:

Made in America
Many adorable styles to choose from to fit any home's decor
Comes complete with easy-to-follow instructions
Two sets of strategically-placed, custom-made, lead-free bells
Measure's 26" long so any breed can easily reach
Designed to fit over any doorknob, handle, or hook placed by the door
Portable, great for traveling
Up and out of the way of foot traffic, safe for your family and pooch
Easy to train any age dog or puppy to use it

Best Friend

Home is Where the Dog Is

Love Bug

Diva Dog

Fur Ever

Peace Love Dogs

Derby Dots


Olive You




Cliff Walk

Traditional Black

Willow Saddle Stitch

Poochie Bells

We LOVE these training aids! It's a great resource to have and they're cute too! You can train a dog of any age to use them but it's easiest to start right from the beginning. Each Poochie Bell comes with an easy-to-follow instructions.


Best Friend

Good Dog

Who Trained Who?

Love Bug

Home is Where the Dog Is

Decorative Hook

These decorative hook are made specially for the Poochie Bells. Use them to hang a Poochie Bell lower next to your door for a tiny puppy to easily reach. I love these and have three in our house. One for the Poochie Bell, one for my keys, and one for the leashes by the door! Each hook is made of pewter and lead-free.They're practical and adorable!





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