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Traveling to their new homes can be a little frightening for any puppy. Snuggle Puppies™ can help comfort them and to many of them, they end up becoming their life-long favorite toy. Snuggle Puppies™ mimic the pup's mother. They have a heartbeat and warmer to snuggle up with and we let the puppy's mom spend time with the Snuggle Puppy™ so it will also carry her scent to help make your new puppy's first few days at home a little easier.

Snuggle Puppies

Comes with heart with replaceable batteries, two instant heat warmers, and reusable warmer.

The Snuggle Puppies are now able to fly in the crate with your puppy!! Yay!!


Heat Pack

Need more heaters for your SnugglePuppie™ or SnuggleKittie™? These all natural, disposable heaters last up to 20 hours of continuous heating. Each heat pack contains one disposable heater.



Replacement batteries for the Snuggle Puppie's beating heart. Each heart takes 1 set of two batteries. One order comes with a set of two batteries.




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