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We want you to know that we do everything in our power here at Legacy Farms to send you wonderful new friend ready to enjoy a lifetime of love. We watch the pup carefully as it grows and spend a lot of time interacting with it. We want your puppy to be as healthy as it is loving. We vaccinate our puppies according to our the schedule recommended by our vet and each puppy will be wormed 3 times before going home to you. All of our puppies are taken to the vet before they go home to assure that everything looks good and the puppy is ready to go to their new home. She is very thorough and checks each puppy well. We provide our puppy healthy guarantee for two years from the time of sale. We do our best make finding a puppy as much fun as owning one and this is just another way to help. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding any of this or if there is anything we can do for you. Thanks!


Legacy Farms Healthy Puppy Guarantee

State of Missouri Rules and Regulations govern all warrantees and guarantees.

Our puppies are honestly represented and evaluated as accurately as possible by us and our Veterinarian.

Legacy Farms is selling the puppy/dog as "pet quality" and the puppy/dog has not been evaluated as suitable for breeding and Legacy Farms does not guarantee breeding capabilities or show quality. We recommend that the puppy be spayed or neutered by the Veterinarian of your choice at the recommended age.

Legacy Farms warrants that the puppy/dog is in good health at the time Buyer assumes ownership. Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian within two (2) days (not including weekends and holidays) of receipt of puppy/dog. The Veterinarian must supply you with a written health report and this report must be made available to Legacy Farms upon request.

Legacy Farms will not replace a puppy or pay any Veterinary bills for fleas, ticks, coccidia, giardia, intestinal parasites, ear mites, ear infections, or other minor, common puppy problems. We ask that you follow your Veterinarian's advice to correct the problem. Legacy Farms cannot cover any medical expenses or replace a puppy that becomes ill or dies from hypoglycemia or low blood sugar because once the puppy goes to it's new home, we can no longer have any control over the puppy/dog's diet and/or eating habits. We ask that you call your Veterinarian if there is any sign of a problem.

If a puppy is diagnosed within two years with any congenital disorder which is considered by two unassociated veterinarians to seriously impact the quality of life and (1) recommends euthanasia, or (2) requires continuous medical treatment throughout the life of the puppy/dog, Legacy Farms will replace with a puppy of the same gender and breed from the next available litter. Buyer must disclose all of the puppy/dog's medical records to Legacy Farms upon request.

Within 10 days of Legacy Farms receiving both written statements from the two unassociated Veterinarians, Buyer must return puppy/dog to Legacy Farms by our aproved method at Buyer's expense. Legacy Farms will make all travel arrangements. Legacy Farms will cover all travel charges to send replacement puppy to Buyer. Buyer shall be responsible for taking good and reasonable care of the puppy/dog until Legacy Farms receives it.

Legacy Farms does not assume any additional liability for possible genetic defects in the puppy, and will not be responsible for veterinary bills resulting from any such condition.

We do not guarantee total immunity from the vaccinations given to the puppy/dog at Legacy Farms. The Buyer shall maintain the puppy in good condition, including adherence to a regular immunization schedule, heartworm preventative, good diet, and a clean and safe environment. If the puppy/dog is scheduled to receive a vaccination on the date of transfer, it will be the responsibility of the Buyer to see that the puppy/dog receive that vaccination at it's first Veterinary visit.

We will represent the puppy/dog as acurately as possible, however, we cannot guarantee adult size, color, or temperament.

This guarantee is non-transferrable.

We hope that your new family member is a wonderful friend for years to come!

Joshua and Katie Ritter

Legacy Farms



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